1. WINNER - Moving Images (3rd)

Reel Spray - Water flies everywhere as the fly line is ripped off a spinning reel on the Big Horn River in Montana.

2. WINNER - Travel/Tourism (3rd)

Stalking on the Flats - Wading the saltwater flats flyfishing for bonefish combines stealth, angling skill, luck and focus. Flyfishing in these conditions is exciting, challenging, frustrating and, perhaps most importantly, takes place in many of the most stunningly beautiful places in the world. I followed a guide and angler as they (unsuccessfully) chased schools of skittish bonefish on the remote pristine flats of northern Long Island in the Bahamas.



Nova Scotia Sunset - Summer sunset near Chester, Nova Scotia.
Acrocorinth Remains - Remains of the Ancient City of Corinth.
Loneliness - At the edge of the caldera, Yellowstone National Park.
Freedom - It is wonderful to be alive.
The Red Flag - Closed beach following a morning storm in Cancun Mexico.
Memorial Day - Every year on Memorial Day, the vast lattice of gravesites at the Veterans Administration's Los Angeles National Cemetery becomes a sea of red white and blue as an American flag is placed at each grave. Once a year, it is a colorful and powerful reminder that the countless flags represent only a tiny fraction of those who have served their country since the Civil War.
Youth Football - I was fascinated to see that, once dressed in full equipment, there was very little difference between the way these young players looked and their professional counterparts.
Montana Summer - These are the images of Montana which sit with me when I am away: a rise on the pond at dusk; a freshly rolled hay bale in the middle of the day; an early morning spiderweb on a rusted barbed wire fence; our dog waiting to be invited to join my wife for swim; and the house at night.
Steelhead Anglers - October flyfishing for Steelhead in British Columbia is not for the faint of heart. Over the past sixty years or so, it has attracted only the most dedicated anglers. It is often very cold, wet and several days, even weeks, can go by without catching a single fish. On a recent trip to Smithers, B.C., I gathered my friends together while I shot these portraits. To further communicate the long tradition and commitment of those participating in this specialized subcategory of flyfishing, I partially desaturated colors and made a few other adjustments for a hint of an antique look.
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Winning Photographs – David Ondaatje